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2024 Spring Queens


The EMBA’s 2024 Queen Sale is underway,  nab yours today.  (Hey Newbies, you do not need to buy a separate queen if you’re purchasing a nuc.)

From Gardner Apiaries…”We have a unique queen breeding program that allows us to select superior genetic traits to be passed on to our queens. We intentionally breed for hygienics, gentleness, production & hardiness (for overwintering).”


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Our queens will be provided by Gardner Apiaries, (Spell Bee Co. LLC) located in Baxley, Georgia.  The queens will be unmarked, Italian Hybrids, Italian-based crossed with Carniolan and Buckfast.

The maximum number you can order is 5.  We may open this up based on stock availability, check back with us.

We're estimating arrival of our queens to be around April 17th.  Check the website for updates as the date gets closer.

Queens will be picked up at the Danforth Plant Science Center


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