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2024 Nucleus Bee Colony


The EMBA 2024 online Nuc sale is open, you can secure your nucs for next year, now.  A nucleus colony (nuc) is a good way to start beekeeping. A nuc is a small established colony of honey bees that, with luck, will make surplus honey in its first year.

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The EMBA 2024 online Nuc sale is open, you can secure your nucs for next year, now.

EMBA has placed an order for five-frame nucs with our supplier, J&W Apiaries out of Homerville, Georgia.  Each nuc will have about three pounds of bees, including a marked queen, three frames of brood, and two frames of honey and pollen in a light-weight, five-frame, Jester nuc box.

  • Nucs will be treated for mites prior to delivery.
  • Estimated delivery date is last week of April or early May
  • Nuc Pick Up will be at the Danforth Plant Science Center at Warson Road and Olive from 6:00 AM - 8:00 AM.
  • Nucs are perishable and MUST be picked up at the specified time or they will be forfeited.
  • You do NOT need to order a queen for your Nucleus Colony.
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