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Preparing my hive for winter  

Marsha Giambalvo
New Member

I have a question about getting my bees ready for winter. I have 1 hive this year, and it's been an interesting year, to say the least...

My hive has not drawn out foundation in the second box. There are maybe 2 frames they have started- but definitely no honey, pollen, or anything happening up there. My question is- should I remove the top box for winter?? They have honey in the bottom box, and I am planning on putting a sugar cake in two weeks- so I feel like I should remove the top box to help them keep better control of temperature. Plus, if they try to move up, there will be absolutely nowhere for them to go or to eat. Thank you for your attention- I look forward to the reply!

Topic starter Posted : 27/10/2019 9:35 pm
Steve Rudolph
Active Member


  You're thinking correctly.  If the bees haven't drawn out the comb in the second brood box, it's time to remove it.  I would put a 2" shim on top of the lower brood box and then the inner and outer cover.  The 2" shim is for the sugar cake.  I hope this helps.


Posted : 14/01/2020 3:12 pm