Follow the links below for more detailed information on the listed programs. Additional workshops and field days are scheduled throughout the season and are announced on the website and in the Waggle Newsletter. Sign up for our mailing list to receive announcements on programs and events. View our calendar for additional events that are currently scheduled.

Monthly Club Meetings take place regularly on the second Wednesday of every month except February & December. Meetings are open to the public.


EMBA Annual Beekeeping Workshop 

Offers courses of instruction for beginners and experienced beekeepers at Maritz in Fenton, MO. The courses will focus on beekeeping as a craft, and the biology of the honeybee as a super-organism. The Beginners Beekeepers’ course is intended for persons with no prior beekeeping experience. The class will cover all aspects of basic beekeeping to prepare students to start beekeeping in 2016. The Experienced Beekeepers’ course will be tailored towards intermediate and expert level beekeepers and will place special emphasis on biology, queen rearing, swarming, and colony behavior.

To support new beekeepers, the EMBA sponsors cooperative purchasing of complete beginners’ equipment kits, nucleus colonies, and queens for delivery in the spring, along with field workshops throughout the season at the Club’s teaching apiary in Creve Coeur, MO.

Register here for our Beekeeping Workshop which will take place on Saturday, February 6th, 2016, with tracks for both beginning beekeepers and those with more experience.


Hive Assembly Workshop
Beekeepers will pick up all supplies ordered at the February workshop and be able to assemble their hives with the help of experienced beekeepers. Event held at Maritz in Fenton, MO.


Nuc and Queen Pick Up
Nucs and queens ordered through the February workshop and on-line ordering are available for pick-up. Location, dates and times will be announced.


Members have the opportunity to bring up to 4 supers of honey and  use the equipment needed to extract and bottle their honey. Picnic lunch served. Held at Camp Wyman.


EMBA Picnic
Potluck picnic, honey exchange and mead tasting at a local park. All members are invited.


Cooking Competition
EMBA members provide products made with honey as their main source of sweetener to the meeting and items are judge by local culinary students and Director of the Culinary Program. Ribbons and monetary prizes awarded in 4 categories for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Takes place during the monthly club meeting.


Holiday Party
EMBA members gather together to celebrate the holidays in style.  Stories from the beekeeping season are shared.