EMBA Beginner’s Workshop Follow-Up Meeting

Annual Workshop with many people seated in audience and three presenters on stage

On Wednesday, February 18th from 6:30-9:00 EMBA will hold a follow-up meeting to the February 7th Beginners Workshop.  This meeting focuses on the Newbees, we will discuss where do you go from here. Much of the meeting will be spent answering questions that the new beekeepers have.  Experienced club members are encouraged to attend to help answer the questions.  Honey Bee Nuc Colonies, Reference Books & Club Memberships will be for sale.

All beginners are strongly urged to attend this beginners’ orientation in the R.E.M. Theater at Maritz.  The purpose of the meeting is to introduce and discuss the Club’s programs for beginners, and help beginners prepare to receive and take care of their nucleus colonies. We will cover in depth important issues such as site selection, hive stand construction, and early feeding and colony care.

Attendees may order nucs and queens at the meeting, in advance of the online sale.

Online orders will open the following day (February 19th) and will be filled on a first-come-first serve basis.

Honey Bee Nuc Colonies (include a queen and five frames of brood/honey/pollen). $175/each  Limit: 2 per person

Only registered EMBA members can order the nucs and queens.