EMBA Beginner’s Workshop Follow-Up Meeting

On Wednesday, February 18th from 6:30-9:00 EMBA will hold a follow-up meeting to the February 7th Beginners Workshop.  This meeting focuses on the Newbees, we will discuss where do you go from here. Much of the meeting will be spent answering questions that the new beekeepers have.  Experienced club members are encouraged to attend to help answer the questions.  Honey Bee Nuc Colonies,…

2015 Queen Orders

The Club has ordered Minnesota Hygienic Italian queens from Avoyelles Honey Co., Moreauville,
Louisiana, for delivery at The Danforth Plant Science Center on Saturday, April 4, 2015
subject to weather delays.

Queens will go on sale to EMBA members on February 19th thru March 7th online.
The price of a queen is $25, there is a limit of four (4) queens per membership.

Nucs include a…

2015 Nuc Orders

Nucleus Honey Bee Colonies for Sale

EMBA has made arrangements for Club Members to order nucleus bee colonies (“nucs”) to start or improve their apiary. The Nucs that the Club has reserved are a five-frame starter colony from Merrimack Valley Apiaries. The supplier’s breeder queens and drone pool consist of mite-resistant, hybrid Italian-Carniolian stock supplied by Latshaw Apiaries, t…


Have you ever had honey that became solid and chunky over time? This state is know as crystallized or granulated hone. This natural phenomenon happens when glucose, one of the main sugars in honey, spontaneously precipitates out of the supersaturated honey solution. Honey crystallizes because it is a super saturated solution. This super saturated state occurs because there is so much sugar in…

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