Experienced beekeepers answering questions at a monthly club meeting.

Experienced beekeepers answering questions at a monthly club meeting.

EMBA ranks among the top local beekeeping organizations in the nation. Our inexpensive membership enables year-round programming that supports both new and experienced beekeepers and promotes beekeeping throughout the region. EMBA is 100% run by volunteers; 100% of membership fees go towards beekeeping programs in the St. Louis Region. Become a member today!

Annual Individual Membership: $10

Annual Family Membership $15 

Member benefits:

  • Access to member-only areas of the website, including a forum for discussion and feedback on beekeeping issues and membership directory
  • Participation in cooperative purchasing of complete beginners’ equipment kits, nucleus colonies, and queens
  • Discounts on select programs and events
  • Use of club equipment, including a honey extractor
  • Ability to lend books from club resource library
  • Participation in a honey extraction party for new beekeepers and those without their own equipment
  • Eligible to participate in mentorship program with an experienced beekeeper
  • Receive monthly newsletter with seasonal resources and the latest news in beekeeping
  • Invitations to member social events

EMBA members contribute to ensuring longevity of the club and the continuation of top-quality programs, workshops and events.


Monthly programs are tailored to the needs of our membership and focus on key elements of beekeeping as well as trying to understand and manage what is going on in our hives at different times of the year. Our club maintains its own hives for hands-on demonstrations and workshops where members can get practical experience. EMBA provides many opportunities for members to network with other beekeepers and learn how other are handling similar challenges within their hives.

EMBA offers workshops by national experts to help both beginners and experienced beekeepers. The club provides access to quality bees and hive equipment, as well as hands-on workshops where beginners can assemble their new hive and have it ready for the season, taking all of the guess work out of the process.


EMBA Members learn how to install nucs in the Club Apiary in Creve Coeur.

 Club meetings are open to the public.