In 1939, a group of beekeepers in the St. Louis area got together to share their best practices, learn how to improve their success rate, and make friends with others who shared their beekeeping interests. Thus began the Eastern Missouri Beekeepers Association (EMBA). It has continued ever since as a vital and growing community of beekeepers, now in its’ 75th year.

Members painting club hive boxes.


The EMBA prides itself on holding professionally organized meetings, programs, and events, spanning every month of the year.  Speakers, researchers, and educators of national renown are frequent guests of the EMBA, as the club’s reputation continues to grow nationally.

Virtually all of the rich annual program is free of charge, as the club relies on minimal annual dues and the success of limited fundraising events, to underwrite its’ expenses.  As a non-profit organization, it is staffed completely by unpaid volunteers, and 100% of the funds raised are used for the benefit of the club members and to promote beekeeping in the community.

The EMBA believes in promoting best practices, based on the results of scientific research, and in using those findings and practices to promote beekeeping in a manner that ensures both the health of the bees and the success of their keepers.  Teaching beekeepers the biology of the colony lets them learn to anticipate what the bees will be doing, and react to what they actually choose to do.  Truly understanding the colonies’ needs and challenges enables beekeepers to truly be stewards their hives’ prosperity.

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