2019 Queen Orders Open Online
Feb 21 – Mar 17 all-day
2019 Queen Orders Open Online

The Club has ordered Minnesota Hygienic Italian queens from Avoyelles Honey Co., Moreauville,
Louisiana, for TENTATIVE delivery at The Danforth Plant Science Center on Saturday,  April 6th or 13th 2019
subject to weather delays.
The price of a queen is $25, there is a limit of four (4) queens per membership.

You must be an EMBA member to order queens.

Nucs include a queen, do not order a queen to put in your nuc.

If you would like to order more than 4 queens please email info@easternmobeekeepers.com and we will check with the supplier to see if we can increase the club order to accommodate your needs.



2019 Nuc Orders Open Online
Feb 21 @ 12:00 am – Mar 24 @ 11:45 pm
2019 Nuc Orders Open Online

Nucleus Honey Bee Colonies for Sale

EMBA has made arrangements for Club Members to order nucleus bee colonies (“nucs”) to start or improve their apiary. The Nucs that the Club has reserved are a five-frame starter colony from Merrimack Valley Apiaries. The supplier’s breeder queens and drone pool consist of mite-resistant, hybrid Italian-Carniolian stock supplied by Latshaw Apiaries, the USDA, Baton Rouge Lab Varroa Sensitive Hygienic (VSH) program, Miksa Honey Farms, and Minnesota Hygienic queen breeders. Each nuc will have about three pounds of bees, including a young, laying queen, three frames of brood in all stages, and two frames of honey and pollen in a light-weight, five-frame, wooden box. Nucs will be treated for mites prior to delivery.

Delivery is TENTATIVELY planned for Saturday morning, April 20th. The firm delivery date & time will be announced in a subsequent notice to members. You MUST pick up your orders on the designated pick up day & time. You will receive more information once your order is in place. Delivery dates are dependent on the weather and may be adjusted based on the weather our supplier is experiencing.

The price of a nuc is $185, which includes delivery to St. Louis, pickup location to be determined. There is a limit of two (2) nucs per membership.

Ordering for nucs will start online February 21st and end when  sold out. The ordering will be through the “Store” option under the “Member” tab on the club’s website easternmobeekeepers.com  (you will need to know your user ID and password for the club website to order online.) All online orders will need to be paid for with a credit or debit card when the order is placed (checks will only be accepted for nuc orders at the Beginner’s Meeting Wednesday, February 20th from 6:30-9:00)  If there are unsold nucs when ordering closes, the Club will notify members and ordering will reopen giving members the opportunity to purchase more than 2 colonies.