Best Practices

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Best Practices in beekeeping,

we highly recommend you join us at monthly club meetings and attend the

annual beekeepers workshop in February.

For additional information, view the Best Management Practices for Hive Health

PDF produced by the Honey Bee Health Coalition below.

Taking Notes 

A common trait shared by good beekeepers.

No matter what type of hives you use, or beekeeping methodology you follow, one common trait shared by good beekeepers is TAKING NOTES, so they can later reference them themselves or can use them to ask other beekeepers for interpretation.

See below for the Hive Inspection Forms provided by EMBA.

Two beekeepers looking at a hive frame full of bees

EMBA Hive Inspection Forms

The EMBA Hive inspection sheet is 2 pages. The front for making

acute observations, and the back for making graphic representations.

Inspection Sheet 1

Make acute observations of your hive.

Inspection Sheet 2

Make graphic representations of your hive.

Need Guidance?

Check out our Mentoring Program and consider joining EMBA to take

advantage of our many programs and help from other beekeepers.

Mentoring Program

The EMBA Mentoring Program assists new beekeepers in developing their beekeeping skills by introducing them to an experienced beekeeper who will help them one on one during their first year.

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